Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle...Or Just a Good Book Giveaway

Awhile back I mentioned that a web-friend of mine had written an awesome book.

This is the first book review I'm doing based on a writer that is still living.  I'm a wee bit nervous.  She knows my address.

But no fears, Liz, I LOVED the book.

It was one of those Saturdays where you spend the entire day reading one book.  You read it at stop lights.  You stay parked in JoAnn's parking lot a little bit longer just to catch one more chapter (and to piss off the old lady honking at you to hurry.  What?  It's Mesa, people!).  You let your family starve to death.  You fake broken bones to get a few more minutes alone.  Just me?

Anyway, I've passed the book around enough times, now, and I just want it to sit on my shelf.  But I also want all my buddies to read it.  SO A BOOK GIVE AWAY IT IS!

Here's how to enter:

Read the review.  That way, you know what you're getting into.  Unless you're like me, who will enter for anything as long as "FREE" is involved.  I mean, really, why do I even need moon boots?

Follow my blog.

Leave a comment.

Boom, free book.  

And the best news: Only 3 people ever comment, so your chances are goooooood.

And you have until...oh let's say 11:56 pm on Saturday evening, until the moon rises with the goat and the animal crackers wax lain.  I'll announce the "winners" on Sunday.

Now on to the review:

I'm gonna sum it up for you.  This is a memoir of how Liz met, wooed and married her sweetheart.  It's about a friendship that is tested by the evil "C" word: cancer.  It's about sleep-poking husbands and explosive pipes.  It's about not being perfect in a world that demands perfection.  Liz is honest and witty throughout the whole book.

Angela and Liz were "later in life" friends, as I like to call them.  True love at the sighting of a book popping out of Angela's purse that Liz loved.  They antiqued together, carpooled, laughed, and really cried.  Their friendship is real.  It's heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Here is an excerpt:

"Is it possible to predict who our dearest friends will be?  Can we make a list of qualities and say, "Any best friend of mine will be outgoing and preferably drive a low emission car because, you know, the environment is very important to me?"

I think we all know the answer.  Friendships are no different than true love.  They can't be planned or predicted; they come into our lives like great gusts of wind that knock things off the shelves and force us to stretch ourselves in uncomfortable yet beautiful ways.  Sometimes friendship strikes like lightning and you know, instantly, that you and that person will be friends when  you're old.  You know that the two of you will be grumpy little old ladies shopping in Kohl's, arguing with the staff about sales prices and the proximity of the nearest parking space.  

It was that way when I met Angela."

-Elizabeth Owen "My (Not So) Storybook Life: A Tale of Friendship and Faith

Near the end, Liz asks God "why"?  I can't think of many people who haven't asked God this same question. And her answer is "to have gratitude".  What a touching testimony.  What a beautiful message.

This is an excellent book.  It goes on the shelf next to all my other hard backed favorites.  And I'm pretty sure it will be on yours, too.

Happy reading and good luck!


Tommy + Monica said...

that sounds like a really really good read! I hope I win! :)

Anonymous said...

it does sound interesting! I never win, so I'm really not counting on much! :) Carol

The Finlinsons said...

I wanna win! Pick me! Pick me!

Jess said...

Omigoodness.... I want to read it. And I think that you'll have more than three people comment.... But maybe I'll still have some luck... Even though I never do. :( Love ya!

Jess said...

Plus I was already following you... :)

melmck said...

Count me in!

BrittneyandDoug said...

Pick me, pick me!! I really want to read this book.

Carolyn said...

Ooooooh, I'd LOVE to win!!!

Elizabeth said...

I read Liz's blog and I always enjoy her candidness. Plus, I'm from LR so I'm endeared to her anyway. My library doesn't have her book and I want to read it so badly1

Rose Family said...

Would love to read this book! Love your blog too......

Anonymous said...

thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

sharonavinger said...

I'd love to win this book! It sounds terrific.


The Hancuff's said...


Sally K said...

I love reading Liz's blog, she makes me giggle. Thanks so much for the opportunity of getting my little hands on her book.

Tara said...

Count Me in!

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