Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Physical Therapy and Gratitude Days...Many

I had a great time last night at a girls night.  I got high on Dr. Pepper and estrogen, it was awesome.  We stayed out until midnight.  I haven't done that since I lived in Utah and "watched" movies until 3 am, and then let my best friend walk home alone in the cold, dark, rapist-filled night.  What?  SHE INSISTED!

And then I stayed up until 2 in the morning talking to Brett about the meaning of life.  There was a lot of giggling...erm, and of course, manly chuckling.  We get pretty serious about the meaning of life.

Today I ripped off that stupid finger splint.  My finger is killing me, but I think typing is great physical therapy.

Tomorrow we spend 6 hours on the road to Mesquite.  Half way to our home-before-home.  Time with family, friends, and kid-free hotel zones...I'm so gonna be in heaven.

So I am grateful for cars.  For not having to spend 2 weeks to get home again.  For portable DVD players.  For a husband that jimmy-rigs the Wii to work in the car.  And I am SUPER GRATEFUL for my shaggin wagon.  Grateful that my children have oodles and gads of space between them.  Their own space.  Their own air.  They couldn't poke each other if they wanted to.  Awesome.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and black Friday.  Those two go hand in hand... fortunately...unfortunately?  Whichev.


De España said...

Haha... manly chuckling. Don't lie - Brett giggles!

genderist said...

Safe travels!

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