Wednesday, December 07, 2011

130 By 30: Only B'cause I Love Ya

My sweetest and dearest friend thinks she's fat.

*Rolls eyes*

She's not fat.  But she's a health nut, and she wants to lose enough jiggly fat to weigh 130 by the time she turns 30 (next August).  And I *pulls on collar* said I would do it with her.

When I made this agreement, I was high on a girls night, shoving fries and burgers into my mouth until I couldn't breathe.  It was extortion, I tell ya!  But I get encouraged when I see things like this:

This is one pound of fat.

That looks like it came straight out of my left love handle.  I can imagine if I lost 50 of these.  I could actually catch  my runaway 1 year old.

I am convinced, however, that Brett loves being married to a chubby woman.  The proof is in the cheesecake (and brownies...and cookies...and outrageous and delicious dinners...)  The man doesn't know when to stop! So I downed my daily calorie count in two delicious slices of cheesecake yesterday.

The man KNOWS I have no self control!

So, dear sweet Tanya, you may just slaughter me on this quest of ours.  The good news is you can eat me if you're close to starving.  Bad news: I'm mostly fat!

So here's to a fresh start and a new day!  Cheesecake milk shake, here I come!  (What, I don't want to waste a whole cheesecake...I mean, it has strawberries on it!)


The Hancuff's said...

don't use my real name when referring to my weight...jk, hahaha! it's okay, we had pizza night last night and i totally blew it. 3 pieces...not cool!

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

I love both of you more than I can say. And Tanya, or um, she who must not be named, that pizza was freakin delicious. Was it delivery? Oh, yeah, sweet digornos.

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