Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Those Dagnabbit Tonsils

I'm currently compiling a case to have my daughters tonsils removed. Expert medical reports, USA Today articles, friends's all gonna be there. Because I have a feeling Imagonna haveta fight tooth and tonsils to get them to cut my baby open and slice up her adenoids.

Doctors sometimes like to argue with me.

I know this has never happened to anyone before

*rolls eyes*

I'm ready to go into that doctors office with my mommy gloves on.

If any doctor tries to tell me she doesn't need her tonsils removed, they're gonna have to mess with mama bear. And mama bear wants a non-temperamental, sweet little rested angel. Not the angel of death I've been gettin lately.

And it's not that I know more than the doctors

(but I do)

And it's not that I don't trust the medical community at large

(I don't)

It's simply that I

A) know my daughter and know that she isnt sleeping well and that as she ages this tiny problem has turned into a huge mega beast.

And that

B) I'm always right.

Just ask my husband. *grin*

So don't pray for me folks. Ooh no. Pray for that poor unsuspecting doctor that's going to be meeting She-Beast.

1 comment:

genderist said...

Make a list of how many times she's been on antibiotics in the last year.
They cant argue with that.

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