Sunday, December 04, 2011


This girl has super model blood.  She's just missing 3 feet.  And I'm pretty sure she'll never get those 3 feet, thank heaven.

In the meantime, the camera comes out, the inner Madonna makes her appearnce.


And it doesn't matter what she's wearing, or how her hair looks, she will always strike a pose...

And you  may be wondering, does it slightly annoy me that she looks gorgeous when she rolls out of bed wearing yesterdays clothes and hair do?

Slightly.  And am I a little bit concerned that I've already given birth to "Kembry: The Sequel"?

Just a little bit.

But there's so much more to my girl than her gorgeous looks.  It's just so hard to see beyond them, sometimes.

For example, she makes friends within seconds of meeting someone.

Her cousin Judy.  It took the pair all of 40 seconds to become BFF's.  

She's lovable and compassionate.  She cares about anyone who is hurting or struggling or is sad.  

She's charismatic; always the life of the party.

She's my little Jeany-Bean.  

She's the apple of this mommy's eye.

And the cameras best friend.

1 comment:

genderist said...

Stinking adorable.

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