Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Conversation Went Something Like This...

Cohen: Can I go to Logan's?

Me:  No.  Also, you need to clean your room.

*Two hours later, after watching several Spongebob episodes*

Cohen: Can I go to Logan's house now?

Me: Um.  No.  You need to clean your room.

Cohen:  After I clean my room?

Me: No.  You've been there the past three days.  Stay home for a bit.

*A weary attempt to clean his room later...He stands and watches Spongebob more than cleaning...*

Me:  You can go and watch Spongebob if you want.

Me:  *snicker*

Cohen (all a quiver with excitement that I'm going to be "nicer" now):  Can I go to Logan's?!

Me:  No.

Cohen: Ooooooooooh!  What if I clean my room?  Did you mean clean my whole room, or just pick stuff up.

Me:  No.  Clean you room.

Cohen:  Then I can go to Logan's?!

Me:  No.

Cohen:  Ooooooooooh!

Me:  *snicker*

The boy is nothing if not persistent.  When it comes to going to his friends.  Not cleaning his room.  Still, at least I get a good chuckle out of it.

Our neighbors have a cute 3 year old daughter who is exactly like Kembry when Kembry was 3.  I felt a cringe somewhere out there.  She can be a bit tough.  Adorable, but tough.  Her cute mom asked me what we did to combat Kembry's less than fun behaviors.  This was Brett's response, "I don't care who won that battle.  I'm just glad it's over!"

Amen, honey.  Amen.

Here's to brighter futures and cleaner rooms!  Up high!

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