Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What?! A Post NOT About Pregnancy?

So I took my sweet Chloe to the doctor today. 


I say this because she's had a cough and a wheeze for what feels like forever.  She had croup back in November, and I've been keeping count since then.

6 months is a long time for a baby to have a cough.

But then I felt extra crummy-mummy when we were watching home videos on Sunday.  Chloe was hacking up a lung in one of them, and I said, "You've had that cough for a long time, Chloe!"  She was 7 months old.


So the spirit whispered to me, take her to the doctor when she isn't sick.  Clever thinking, spirit.  Because the doctor was able to hear a very pronounced wheeze that had nothing to do with being "sick".

My poor girl gets so tired when she plays.  She takes extra long naps.  And she coughs and wheezes all the time.  I'm so glad we know what's wrong now, and that we're on our way to "fixing" it, or, at least, maintaining it.

I may feel differently when she starts having more energy *WINK* 


Team Cody said...

While you are a NON pregnancy post kick you should mention your awesome neighbors and how you prayed for us to move here...and we did!!...and we have the same daughter(s)...and we love them, all of them!

genderist said...

Hooray for moving in the right direction.

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