Monday, April 23, 2012

Twenty Two Skadoo and Twenty Three...Ska...Dee?

I don't know how it happened.  I guess it was bound.  I missed a week.  Fooey.

Size of My Baby Boy:  Kian is the size of a pomegranate.  Which apparently is bigger than a cantaloupe.  I'd like to see a pomegranate bigger than a cantaloupe.  What does this have to do with the size of my baby?  Absolutely nothing.

Total Weight Gain:  I'll know on Wednesday.  These past two weeks have been filled with little-to-no self-control.  Chocolate, treats, name it (if it was unhealthy) and I probably ate it.  Tonight I returned to my "I will eat healthy and not become as giant as a whale" program.  I'll let you know how it goes ;)

Gender:  As far as I know, he's still a boy.  But the funny part about his gender is that when people find out I'm having a boy, they ask me if I'm sad.  This is usually done when I'm with Chloe, so I'm confused at this random and unwelcome sentiment.  No.  In fact, I am elated it's a boy.  Brett can only handle so many beauty queens and guns.  And I can only handle so many female teenagers.  Think of all the menstruating and hormones!  I'm nothing if not pragmatic.

Movement:  Boy howdy, we have a wiggle wart.  He has his many, many hours of complete and utter stillness (*poke poke* you still alive in there, boy?)  But when he takes to moving, he doesn't kid around.  And, sadly, he is very nocturnal.  I've learned (with Chloe) this generally translates into "real life".  I.e., you won't be seeing much of me the first few months of my little bats life.

Sleep:  Some nights are blissfully wonderful.  Others are filled with bathroom breaks, acid reflux, and a hyper-active fetus.  Also, I'm drooling.  A lot..  I'm remembering, belatedly, that I drooled a lot with Chloe.  I can't remember much with the other two, but I'm guessing I did then, too.

What I Miss:  A non-sensitive bladder and ibuprofen.

Cravings:  Cheesy things.  Nachos, nachos with cheese, nachos with extra cheese.  Um, chocolate.

Symptoms:  My contractions are a lot easier to handle with this pregnancy, hallelujah!!  But they still come, and sometimes are overpowering.

Discharge.  You're welcome.  What is with this stuff?  I swear I think my "bags of water" is leaking, constantly. Such a pain!!

Also, airheadedness.  I backed into a moving car today.  I didn't even look behind me.  How pathetic is that?

I blame lack of both sleep and soda.

Best Moment of the Week:  I don't know.  My life is pretty freaking awesome.  I have awesome kids and an even awesomer husband.  I know I had thought of one earlier, but I can't think of it now.  See above "airheadedness".

This Weeks Thoughts:  If this little guy is anything like his sisters, he'll come 3 weeks early.  And I'm totally savvy with that.  It would mean that I only have 14 weeks left.  Which, at the same time sounds like a lot and not a lot.  Soon, but sooo far away.

I'm getting excited to nurse.  Not just for the 500 extra calories of weight loss, but for the fun bonding time.  I loved that, and I miss it!

Sibling Rivalry:  I really liked the talk, "Teaching Our Children to Understand" talk given at Aprils General Conference by Cheryl A. Esplin.  It made me think about different ways I can help the kids apply Gospel principles.  I think Brett and I have always done a fairly decent job of pouncing on teaching opportunities as they present themselves.  But I'm trying even harder, involving prayer and trying to, myself, understand Gospel principles better.  I learn more when I learn it through their experiences.

Cohen and Kembry always fight in the bath tub.  I listen as Brett bathes them and it's so hard and frustrating and disheartening.  Sometimes I tease him and say something like, "Kian needs us!" when all 3 of our living children are going nuts.  Just a reminder that things are really going to change in a few months.

So tonight as I was taking a turn to bathe them, and they began to fight, I decided to start singing primary songs.  It was amazing and wonderful how quickly they jumped on the band wagon.  They helped me remember lyrics, they did the hand gestures, and recommended other songs to sing.  Bath time was fun and peaceful, which led into an even more peaceful FHE.

During FHE, we talked about how Enos prayed for the Nephites and also for his enemies.  He prayed for them all to feel the happiness and joy he felt.  I asked the kids if they could think of anyone that we pray about to feel the same happiness that we feel, and that are missing out.  After we did family prayer, and prayed about those people, Cohen said he felt the Spirit.  I asked him what it felt like.  He said it felt like he had a really good day and he was really happy and felt happy.  No better way to describe the Spirit than that, I'd say!

I'm excited to see how Kian and Chloe interact with each other.  I wonder if they'll bicker the same way Cohen and Kembry do.  I wonder if they'll be protective of each other, the way Cohen and Kembry are.  I watch other kids, and while mine definitely act their age a lot, they're also really good kids.  I'm so in love with all three of them.  I can really see how having big families can become a bit of an addiction...Still, this is our last!  Maybe...


Rachel said...

As always, your post had me laughing.
I agree, how is a pomegranate bigger than a cantaloupe? Sometimes their fruit comparisons are not great.

I wish you luck in the weeks to come!

Lindsay said...

So...I was just wandering through your blog and noticed that you have/had another blog??? Those pictures of your kids in their Christmas clothes - SOOO dang cute! Guess I missed the boat over there - sorry. But I'm glad this pregnancy is going pretty dang well so far! Hang in there!!!

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