Monday, April 12, 2010


Attention Deficit Freaking Disorder

This is not a real medical disease.  However, we claim it for our son.  Perhaps we should call it 4-year-old-ism.  Perhaps we could just call it Cohen.

One of manifesting symptoms is an actual language.  Cohenese.  I'm pretty sure it'll be published in a medical journal, soon.

Another is a distinct inability to put on shoes within a 20 minute time frame.  The kid could be in a rubber room, with zero distractions, and still manage to take forever.

The 30 minute pee-pee dance and the I-refuse-to-go-while-I'm-playing-which-is-all-the-time attitude is yet another.

I blame the video games and the fact that this disorder is almost certainly a genetic disease, inherited on the Y chromosome. 

Kelly Down

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