Friday, April 02, 2010

Angry Uterus Update

Apparently angry uterus is a family affair.  Genetic?  Mmm, I don't really think so.  But my dear cousin Abbie (real person, real name) kindly informed me via Facebook that she suffered from the same thing.  Her docs diagnosis: bed rest, and some drug I don't know the name of to stop the contractions.

They can do that?! 

My list of questions grows for my doctor.  I hope he schedueled a long block for me.  Either way, I'm getting my money's worth.

My good friend Dr. Google has been less than helpful.  Either not very many women suffer from this (unlikely) or Dr. Google has failed me for the last time.

On the plus side, after two hours of regularly schedueled contractions last night, everything has quieted down.  They're still coming, I'm all too painfully aware of them, but they're just as sporadic as ever.

What prompted these regular contractions, you may ask?  I actually have an answer.  I bathed.  I risked clean hair and shaved legs, and suffered the consequences.  I still say it was worth it.  So do my children and husband, and possibly neighbors.  I'm not sure how far the stench wafted.

Kelly Out


Anonymous said...

Terbutaline. An irritable uterus's best friend. :)

genderist said...

Yes, there are medications they can give you to slow down the contractions, but I don't know what they are. :) It's an IV medicine, and they can toggle it so that you get just enough to keep you from having contractions. But usually they won't start those until bed rest at home doesn't work anymore. And you'd have to be on one of those wrap-around baby monitors while you're getting it, too. I think sometimes they'll do this medicine as a way to keep baby inside as long as possible to help their lungs continue to develop. But that's about all I know. Like Prissy in Gone with the Wind, I don't know nothing 'bout birthin' no babies.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the irritable uterus...Mine started at 29 weeks. It really sucks. No matter what I did, that damn thing would get angry. If my pants were too tight, didn't drink enough water, if the wind was blowing in the east, I didn't feed it ice name it, it just contracted. What was surprising is that after all the worrying that my son was going to be early, I ended up in active labour on my due date and delivered the next day. When I was in actual labour, I didn't know it because I contracted so much prior to, plus I thought what are the odds of delivering on the due date. Oh you stupid uterus!!

Hang in there!! Enjoy all the free food coming your way!!!

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