Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Good Reason

Kembry was born three weeks early, and I'm convinced that my brain was not chronologically prepared to have her.

Being the proactive, organized woman I am (insert chuckle) I planned to get my hair cut and colored two weeks before her due date.   

So, instead of being 38 weeks pregnant, I had a one week old baby.  I headed up to get my hair cut and colored.  I sat down, she noticed I was missing my giant belly.  We talked and laughed about the surprise Kembry was.  She asked how cute she was, I showed her pictures.  My head now had enough foil in it to contact E.T., when she asked, "So is your mom watching the baby?"


I left her in the car.

I left my one week old baby in the car.


Luckily it was a cool, rainy day.  She was fast asleep.  And there were no child service workers in the area to arrest me and throw me in jail.

This is why I am on bed rest.  I can't even imagine what would happen if baby girl came early.  Would I leave her in the hospital?  In the car?  At the grocery store in the ladies bathroom?  At MCDONALDS?!  Will they give her away as a happy meal toy?  Will I have to pick her up at the church lost and found?

I am even more resolved to stay down and behave. 

Kelly Down


MaCa said...

So far I have never either of my kids in the car on purpose but I accidentally locked my second son who is 7 weeks old in the car about a week ago. It was in our driveway and I couldn't find the spare key in the house. Luckily my step dad is the town manager and works right next to the cop shop. A police officer was at my house within 10 minutes to get him out. I felt horrible standing outside the car while my baby was screaming his head off.

genderist said...

Holy cow! Do you know that this is one of my worst fears (the one right after leaving baby AND my keys in a locked car)... At least she's too young to remember. :)

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