Thursday, April 15, 2010

Always Look at the Bright Side of Your Life

It's a lot easier being on bed rest for someone else, than just for yourself. 

I know I'm being blessed with patience and understanding.  I know my husband is, as well, though we're both careful not to go out of our way and pray for patience.  We're smart like that.

Here are some positive things about being on bed rest for my little girl:

  • I'm just gonna say it: I don't have to do laundry or clean.  This sounds incredibly selfish, I know.  And I do help fold the laundry.  But I love not having to treck downstairs, carry it back up, hang it up, etc. 
  • I get to feel every little wiggle and kick.  Right now, in the calm of the second trimester, this is sweet.  When I was up and about with the other two, I'm sure I missed a lot of these.
  • I get to write thank you notes, and take my time.  I feel the love of the person I'm writing to.  I feel the gratitude swell within me, and I'm so grateful for that!
  • I get to visit a lot.  I used to not really enjoy visiting, because of all the "other things" I had to do.  But now, I don't have them to do.  I've gotten to know a lot of really wonderful people a lot better.
  • Movies, books, movies, books.  My favorite thing to do, when I can, is read.  I have tons of time to read now.  Plus, I'm a chronic movie watcher.  I like to watch the same movie over, and over, and over...
  • Even though it would seem like time would go slow, it doesn't.  My day is broken up into routine, with surprise visits here and there.  I know it's only been a few weeks, and I possibly have 130+ days to go, but so far time as flown!
  • I have the internet, therefore I have unlimited access to distraction.
  • When she comes, it will be a hundred times more sweet!  I'll be relased!
I'm trying hard not to think about the things I'm missing, and remind myself constantly that "This too shall pass."  I know it will.  There will be other summers to enjoy with my kids (which will then equal 3!) and lots of time to go to the zoo after the baby is born.  I'm sure I can lay outside in a lounge chair and watch them play, even if I can't join in.  And I'm positive there will be plenty of dishes for me to wash when it's all over.

Plus, PLUS, and this will sound silly, but I don't think I'll mind spending my birthday at home, possibly in bed.  Lemme esplain.  My birthday is on the 4th of July, and it is always crazy and hectic.  The only thing I'll miss is breakfast with my whole family.  Other than that, I hope I get to keep my husband and kids around me the whole day.

Kelly Down

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PrincessJulia said...

I love your perspective. You are one of my favorite people! It was great visiting with you. I think mackenzie loves your house more then ours. See you again soon! You are the best.

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