Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Have a Cold

Complete with blisters on my throat and tongue.  Yuck.  When it comes to being sick, I'm a real Spartan.  All or nothing for me, baby.

What do you eat when you have no appetite and a painful mouth?  Stick-a-butter?  Brownie batter?  Cookie dough?  These are all very soft "foods" I think I cold handle.

Brett will probably shove a popcycle in my mouth, make me chicken soup, and force hoarded antibiotics down my throat.  You'd think he was rasised during the depression the way he hides antibiotics.  It doesn't matter how much I threaten to cut off his toes if he doesn't finish them off, he still does it!  Nor do my protests of "I'm pregnant!  I can't just take anything!" do anything for him.  I mean, afterall, it saves us a copayment at the doctors office.  Nor does it matter that I'm 438% sure it's just a cold.

Plus, he's a man.  That Y chromosome infuses him with an insatiable need to solve problems.  Stupid Y chromosome.  Hey, listen up Mr. Y.  Just pet my head!  Rub my feet!  Do my dishes and fold my laundry, and we'll get along just swell.

Kelly Down


The Finlinsons said...

OK, this may be a completely different situation...

But when Tyson and I were first married he got sores all down his throat and asophagus. He later learned that one of the only soothing things to eat was bread. So, you could try some regular old bread and see if it helps.

genderist said...

Pudding, jello, mashed potatoes, ice cream, yogurt... all good soft food choices to have with your chicken soup.

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