Tuesday, May 01, 2012

24 Weeks

Size of Our Little Stinker:  Kian is the size of a grapefruit.  Or there abouts.

Total Weight Gain: 2 pounds.  Not sure how this is even possible, but there you have it.  I am in no way complaining and hope I can keep up this trend.

Gender:  Still a bouncing baby boy!  And I'm super excited because this is the first pregnancy ever that I get to have a 3D ultrasound.  I've never seen what my babies will look like before they're born, and I'm super excited to get a glimpse.  I'm always so amazed at how much the newborns really look like their 3D ultrasounds.  Woo hoo!

Movement:  Oh yeah, he's a wiggler.  I love it!

Sleep:  I'm guessing he gets great sleep.  As for me, I'm becoming more acquainted with the lost sheep of yore.  I tend to wake up every morning, without fail, at 6:35.  It's getting eerie.

Contractions have been keeping me awake.  The discomfort and then the following stress that comes with them.  Will they stop?

What I Miss:  Not having contractions.  It was a nice run.  I lasted a lot longer than I did with Chloe!  I'm not throwing in the towel yet, or anything.  I guess I'm just wallowing because the last few days have been crappy.  But things will look up again!!

Cravings:  Orange-cycles.  Yep, went and bought a 20 pack.  I think I have 12 left.  So long net weight gain of 2 pounds.  Hello fat house!

Symptoms:  I'm already getting a little breathless despite the fact that little whipper snapper is riding super low.  Granted, when one has no torso, where does one carry a baby?  All over, that's where.  So even though he's stretching out my nether regions with all due diligence, I still feel a great deal of pressure on my diaphragm. 

"Why are you breathing so hard?"

"I just peeled an orange...an hour ago."  Ha!

Oh, and totally bizarre, I have (had) canker sours around my back molars, just around the gums.  Super painful.  Great way to diet.

Best Moment of the Week:  Um, having my labor stopped.  Ok, not really the best moment, per-say, but still kind of convenient.  I really enjoyed having a teaching partner on Sunday for Primary (riding solo is no fun after awhile) and she gave an awesome lesson.  I felt like I as in relief society and  I got to decorate a cookie.  Sweet.

Also totally awesome: having totally awesome neighbors.  Seriously, when Brett rolled in Monday night, and we needed a sitter right then, our awesome neighbors totally took the reigns and raised our kids for the night.  She even got Cohen to do his homework and Kembry to clean up the living room.  I love our neighbors. 

Worst Moment of the Week:  Yep, another one.  Spent Monday night in the hospital with stubborn contractions that refused to quit.  I felt comforted knowing that they weren't causing any changes in my cervix, so after the third medication and threats of admitting me, I moved the monitor up.  POOF!  No more contractions.  Ok, I still had some, but there were definitely slowing down to my liking, and that's all that matters.  In all honesty, I would have stayed if I felt there was a need.  I just didn't feel like there was.  Baby was fine, I was fine, and everything turned out okay.  Minus me feeling like I was run over with a dump truck.  And I still have contractions today.  Pooey.  But they're not regular enough for me to worry.  Just uncomfortable enough for me to not do the dishes *wink*.

Because I'm weird, I want to remember my irrational thinking.  When my contractions start getting closer and more regular, I do the most random things.  I try sitting and resting, and if this doesn't work, I try working.  I clean.  I fold laundry.  I make bread.  I take a little walk. I try my hardest to ignore them. Surprisingly, this makes it worse.  Who knew?  So I take a warm bath.  Rub lavendar on my belly.  Do breathing exercises.  After six hours of this, I finally call my doctor.  Why?  Because I'm stubborn and I really hope and think they'll stop.

But you try explaining this to a nurse in the Women's Center, and she all but calls the authorities on my neglectful behind.   Thank heavens I have my handsome husband there to explain to them my stubbornness, and that I really would never intentionally risk the life of my sweet son.  Plus, he's good looking.  Nurses always listen to good looking men.

The nice, totally awesome part about having an irritable uterus:  I can command it to go into labor at 37 weeks.  A quick romp around the neighborhood and BAM!  I'm dilated to a 3.  Okay, so that was with Chloe.  I'm just hoping I get that same pay out this time around.

This Weeks Thoughts:  I'm just so curious to know why I have an irritable uterus.  If we are in fact imbued with all knowledge in the hereafter, I am will be most anxious to find out just what was going on with that particular muscle.

Sibling Rivalry:  I guess I should write this part not after a night like tonight.  Still, it's good to remember the tough times to really appreciate the good times.

I think Kembry is having an adverse reaction to something.  Like manners, and behaving.  She bit a girl at school today.  She has never been a biter.  Or a spitter, or a hitter, or anything un-lady like.  She prides herself on being a lady.  Apparently ladies burp.  Anyway, not only that, but she had a royal tantrum because there was a retirement party for a teacher at her school, and she couldn't go.  Her teacher is dumbfounded.  I'm just dumb.  I can't figure out what's been going on with her poor behavior.  I hope we figure it out, because it can't feel good to keep being told that you're naughty.  I love her too much to keep pounding that into her.

But still, why the heck is she being so freaking naughty?!

Speaking of annoying know-it-alls.  Oh, I wasn't?  Well, Cohen is being an annoying know-it-all.  Luckily I get to just sit back and laugh because it bothers Brett more than it bothers me (lately).  Brett (and his mother) inform me that it's just the age, and all annoyingness will ebb in 10 or so years.  Holy crap, kill me now.

Speaking of darling little angels...Oh, I wasn't?  Because Chloe is absolutely the most perfect, beautiful, sweet hearted little angel in the world.  I just adore everything about her.  I can't understand how I have such a perfect little girl, but I do.  And Brett agrees.  So now it's doctrine.  She's perfect. 

And there you have it.  24 weeks of pregnancy.  A minimum of 13 to go.  Not too shabby.  I think I can make it =)

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genderist said...

I'm sending your uterus serious chill out vibes. :)

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