Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Too Fast

Where does the time go?  Tomorrow I'll be 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th and final child.

I have two kids thoroughly enjoying a summer vacation before they begin 2nd and 1st grade.

Ok, they're not the only ones thoroughly enjoying summer vacation.  I love having them home.  Mostly, I love not having to wake up, rush to get ready.  Forget lunches.  Take them to school.  Drive back to school with forgotten lunches, homework, backpacks, etc.

I love that they keep Chloe entertained.  I love that they can finally have some time to play with their friends.  To get to spend 2 hours playing video games instead of just 20 minutes.

I love the indentured servitude.  Forcing them to earn their 2 hours video game time ;)

Kembry is writing a book for me about a magical world in her closet called Candy Land, lead by a nice and noble Candy King called Candy Keeper.

Chloe is destroying everything with crayons.

Life is good.  It goes too fast.


The Finlinsons said...

Wow...your FINAL child? How is that? Exciting? Sad? I can't believe people my age are now old enough to STOP having children. We're old. :)

Rachel said...

So glad life is good.
I'm jealous of your knowledge that it's your last. I need that kind of closure. We think this may be or last, but we're not sure. So...I haven't gotten rid of maternity clothes or Emi's baby clothes. But it seems silly to hold onto them if we're done. Ugh.

Neff Family said...

I should AMEND that this is "our last baby ever!" It's our last baby when I'm having a rough pregnant day. Otherwise, WHO KNOWS! Right?! Some days I think I want 9. Other days I'm looking for foster homes to take the 3 I already have ;)

Lindsay said...

Gosh, it does go way too fast...and it seems to be getting faster with each child - this past year was the fastest one of my life to date! Hope all is well with you are your cute family! Hang in there for that last stretch!!!

April said...

I look forward to seeing you with nine children. Tony's parents were seriously planning on having FOURTEEN! Who plans on having fourteen children?! Anyway, they ended up with seven. We have no set number, we'll just see what happens as it goes. This post makes me look forward to having slaves, I mean, older children.

genderist said...

I think you're on the right path when you have sense enough to know how quickly they grow up. Enjoy your AC & your summer!

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