Tuesday, May 15, 2012

26 Weeks

Size of My Boy:  Kian is the size of a lettuce head.

Total Weight Gain:  I'll know next Wednesday.  When I'm rounding the third trimester.  What what!  I'm so excited.  I may have tunnel vision, but the third trimester always seems like there is light at the end of that tunnel.

However, I have not been eating well.  And my guilt shows, if not my weight gain.  Seriously, what is in those creamsickles?  Crack?

G-g-g-gender:  Still a boy, as far as I know.  We get to do our 3D ultrasound June 13th.  I would like another shot, just to make sure.  Especially considering I just did 4 loads of little boy clothes.

Movement:  I hope I can always remember this boy and his wiggles.  He is by far the most wiggly baby I've carried.  I love putting things on my belly and watch him kick them off.  Maybe I'll get some video.  He loves hearing Brett's music.  LOVES!  Brett's recording some of his music right now, and when he plays it back, Kian dances like maniac.  Like he's never danced before!  If I set my laptop on my belly, he can kick it off.  Strong boy!  "I think he's gonna be a soccer playa!"

Sleep:  My sleep is actually...well, it's weird.  I can fall asleep, no problem.  In bed, on the couch, in the bath...driving...But I keep waking up earlier and earlier.  If I'm smart, I just get up and deal with it.  If I'm not smart (like this morning) and I stay in bed and toss and turn, and fall back to sleep and wake up about 50 more times, then I'm really grumpy and hormonal the rest of the day.  So even though 5 AM is a wee bit early, I think it's my new wake up time.  Kian will probably be groovy with that judging by how active he is then.

What I Miss:  Being sane.  Having low flow hormones.  Not crying over everything.  Not cramping.  Having round ligaments but not knowing I have them.  Seriously, ouch!  How much more stretching could they possibly need to do?  I've had 3 other children...aren't they already stretched out?

Cravings:  Not healthy food, basically.  Chips, creamsickles, spaghettio's, McDonalds french fries.  Oh my heavens, McDonalds french fries, yes please.

Symptoms:  Headaches.  Bleeding Gums Murphy.  Round ligament aches.  Sore cervix.  Constipation.  I wish I had a protruding naval, but I have a crater for a belly button and it's NEVER poked out before.  Bummer.  Lower back pain, sciatica.  Heat exhaustion, dehydration.  Horrible swelling.  You know, the usual stuff.  All totally worth it.

Best Moment of the Week:  

This Weeks Thoughts:  What's in a name?  My whole family is now using Kian's name, and I love hearing it.  I wasn't sure there for a dark moment.  I want to spell it with a "C", but I'm the only one.  Kian's name isn't even registered on the social security list.  Ok, it is.  It's like 346, or something.  Which is what Brett and I like.  We've only  met a handful of other Cohen's, no Kembry's, but...ack!  Chloe's name is #10 on the most popular, and one of our friends just named her sweet little baby Chloe.  I still love her name, and don't mind, really.  But it's fun to see peoples reactions.  They always tell what cute names our kids have, and I like that.

Their names really fit them.  I think it's interesting that Brett and I always agree on a name (just one, gender specific) before we even know what we're having.  That's usually a good indication of what we are having.  Even when the doctor thought Chloe was a boy.  Brett said, "Yay, I'm excited, but I really liked the name Chloe."  "Me, too!  Bummer!"  Turns out, we got what we wanted.

Same with Kian.  We decided on his name, without knowing what we were having.  We couldn't figure out any girl names we really liked (we were all over the place, I liked Charlotte, he likes Kisha, or something.)  Anyway, what's in a name??  Only that child's entire future.  President Kian O'Connor Neff?  I think it has a nice ring to it...

Sibling Rivalry:  These kids.  I love them to death.  As in, I may strangle them, but love them the entire time I'm doing it.  Ok, not really.  You can't really joke about that these days.

We just found out Kembry has A.D.D.  I feel both validated and sad.  Validated that I'm not crazy and she really is all over the place, and sad because it can't be easy for her.  We have her official appointment on Wednesday, and I'm excited to move forward with helping her.

I have a feeling she'll "grow" out of this, or, learn to deal with it or overcome it.  But in the meantime, I am not averse to medicating her.  And if it doesn't work, or she doesn't like it, or it changes who she is (that's where I draw the line) we'll take her off.  We've managed with parenting styles up until now.  I mostly want to get it worked out so that school isn't so difficult for her (or her future teachers!)  She's doing excellent when it comes to learning.  She's right up there with Cohen.  She could probably surpass him, if she could focus long enough *wink*.

Cohen scored just a few points below the gifted and talented.  I know, we're all so disappointed *rolls eyes*.  Are you kidding me?  That kid is awesome and so smart and wonderful.  He's going to be in a cluster class next year.  I...have no idea what that is.  They explained it to me back in the first trimester.  It did not absorb.  I'm such a good mom!

Chloe has officially started the terrible twos.  She is a tantrum queen.  And you know what's really creepy and cute (at the same time): she has Kembry's exact laugh.  Twilight Zone.  The best treatment for Chloe's tantrums (grandma, pay attention!) is to ignore them.  They get bad.  Real bad.  Thrashing, screaming, head banging, hitting, wailing, gnashing of the few teeth she has...But really, the best thing is to just let her have it.  Ignore her, and then when she stops, open up your arms and give lots of loves and hugs.  And never, ever leave the house.

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