Friday, May 04, 2012


Some days I almost completely forget I'm pregnant.

Well, not completely, not so much anymore.  I sort of have a HUGE reminder sticking out in front of me.

But some days it's really not at the fore front of my mind.

Other days, however, it's my entire day.

I forget the limits being pregnant sets on my body.  I forget I need to eat often (and healthy).  I forget to drink enough water.  I forget to rest. 

I forget to stay cool.

Ugh.  Even in a mall, I manage to over heat.  I've never had heat exhaustion before, but it is uncomfortable!  And sort of embarrassing.  I don't like security guards mulling over me, watching me drink ice water.  It was awkward, and uncomfortable.

So I'm determined to say cool.  Hence, I'm never leaving the house, which will soon be turned into a giant refrigerator.

Kids, so help me if you open that front door.

And what is with the hormones!

I was apologizing to Brett about how hormonal I've been lately.  His response, "It's okay.  You mostly take it out on yourself."

I'm thoughtful that way ;)

Here's to a cool 97 degrees today!

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