Friday, September 11, 2009

Planned Obsolesence: Part II

See this chair leg?  It was once broken.  I glued it back together.  I'm pretty awesome.
So imagine my surprise, my utter amazement, to see this:
BAH!  Broken again.  But no, my glue job was amazing.  This is the twin brother, Mario.
The exact same leg broke on Mario.
Now, I bought this table and chair set two years ago for $20.  Pretty cheap right?  Exactly. And the old me would've thrown this one away and happily, merrily, trotted my way to the store and bought another.
 But I refuse, refuse (verb), to make this set refuse (noun). Hyuck hyuck.
It's not about the money.  It's about the fact that they made this chair to break.  They purposely created a horse. 
A broken leg=garbage. 
Planned obsolesence is the devil.  Brett and I are fighting back with carpenters glue. 
Kelly Out

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