Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hi.  I haven't posted lately because I don't do real well...thinking...with no sleepy.  I no thinky well.

Brett's been gone for two days.  But he was also gone ALL LAST WEEK as well.  He's in Chicago.  He went to a Cubs game.  He's having a real tough time.  Poor guy.

But I've been doing such fun things!  I will now commence sharing time.

I participated in a torture session called (for legal reasons, I'm sure) "Trigger Point Therapy".  It was actually very helpful with my back.  She was actually able to rub out six different knots, and I only cried most of the time.  So doing that again! (They really do need a sarcastic font.)

We had a really good Enrichment tonight, for which I only participated in for half and hour.  But what I did get to see and hear was really inspiring.  It was all about choosing the better part.  A ward member and I did a small skit of a modern day "Mary and Martha".  I love my Ward.

I have a friend that gave me some quality service today.  She visited with me while I washed dishes.  I can't tell you what a difference it made.  It was like I wasn't washing dishes at all. 

Last night I didn't fall asleep until 2 AM.  I have become OCD about checking ALL the windows and ALL the doors, and checking out the blinds about every fifteen minutes.  Every noise I hear is a serial killer/rapist coming to attack my children, while I sleep blissfully unawares like.  I miss Brett.

Finding a spider in your bed is the absolute most terrifying thing in the world.  Barr none.

Well, thank you for participating in my drivel.  I promise more exciting posts in the future.  When I've had sleep.  I.E. when Brett comes home and snuggles with me.  I'll go no further, this is a family blog.

Kelly Out

P.S.  Tanya pointed out that in my last post I did not mention the recycling bin I bought at IKEA.  This is true.  I did buy a recycling bin.  But, BUT, it was with a purpose.  And I had been planning on buying it for months, I just don't make it out to the middle of nowhere that often.  It wasn't STUFF, so stop judging me!  Tanya.  Just kiddin'.  I love ya!

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