Friday, July 09, 2010

I Crawled Under a Bus

Okay, not really.

Actually, for a woman on bed rest, I spend very little time in bed.

Though I wish I was in bed.

Right now.

Anyway, Project Nesting has taken a little longer than it did with the last two...probably because of the current two...but it's coming along nicely.  All the dainty little 0-6 month closed have been washed, smelled, folded and fondled by yours truly.  Something about tiny hats and tiny socks that just make my uterus contract.  Oh wait, that's everything.

Today I had two wonderful friends come over.  I also had the pure intention of taking pictures of all 8 of our beautiful children, and failed fantastically.  I didn't even remove the camera from the car.  Yay me!!  But I had a blast anyway, because I was with another gestating female, and there is strength in numbers.

Oh, and you know how when they rest their tiny little head on your tiny little cervix, and swivel it from side to side, and you wonder if you're about to die from the stinging, uncomfortable, strange pain?  Yeah, we're there.  TMI?  I'm good at that these days...

Anywho, tomorrow marks 32 weeks.  Feelin' pretty proud of my body for staying strong.  My cervix is the gatekeeper of the year. 

Now to go and crawl under that bus...okay, not really...

Kelly Down

1 comment:

genderist said...

Dude, your cervix totally gets the award for hanging tough!

32 weeks is fantastic!!!

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