Saturday, July 24, 2010


 No, not mine.

Lucky for you, I made a cover for that very thing.

With great input by, that's right, my husband.  As he said, he did the best with a bad situation.  He went to the craft store, picked out the material, and totally revamped the pattern.  But only because I told him he could giggle when he asked for corset boning.

  I love this Peak-A-Booby!

(Please preform your own QVC Model Hand Gestures for the following...)
(P.S. I can't take good uterus says, "Deal with it.  Humph.")

So, here we have the brown polka-dot side.  I originally wasn't going to have it reversible, but again, that husband of mine...

Here's the "other" side.  Don't you love the pockets?  I love the pockets!  Brett cut them out, pinned them, ironed them, and everything short of sewing them.  I had a very angry uterus at this point. 

I love the pockets because they're great for breast pads, burp rags and binky storage during nursing.  Here we have a burp rag ticking out of the pocket. 

This is a pathetic attempt to capture the corset boning.  Basically, it helps me see the baby and helps her not suffocate to death.  I figured, after all I've gone through to get her here, I might as well try not to kill her right away.

Crafty Kelly makes my uterus angry.  So, my amazing mother-in-law finished up the sewing for me when I couldn't sit straight anymore. 

Have I mentioned I can't take good pictures?

Have I mentioned I have an angry uterus?


P.S. Peak-A-Booby's and Hide-A-Hooters are super expensive.  I was shopping online and they're $40-$60 dollars, so if you want to know how we made this, let me know!  My husband (what, he's artistic is all) made sure to mark down the differences we made and basically created a whole new pattern.  Anyway, again, if you want a rough pattern of how it all came together, let me know!

P.P.S. I've lost my funny.  I mean, c'mon, it's a peak-a-booby, and nothin' funny comes to mind. I must be tired.  Get back to me in 2 months.

P.P.P.S.  If my uterus lets me, I will next attempt to make a car seat canopy/cover thingy-ma-dingy. 


Anonymous said...

I vote for Hide A Hooters!!

You are one talented uterus. Seriously. When and if I have another child will you make me one? I bought one at Baby's R US, it was a cheapy one. Basically it was like a receiving blanket with a tie on it. It sucked. So did the baby...giggle.

I only BF'ed for 2 whole weeks. So I'm bound and determined to try it again. Come hell or rash waters...I will BF!

Loren and Jess said...

Wait.... I have your sewing machine... When did you do this?? It's cute. I love it. :)

Kelly said...

Are you kidding Kimberly? I would totally make you one. And this sucker is reinforced for the pulls of a 9 month old, I tell you. I made it with my wriggly infants in mind.

Jess, I used my M-I-L machine and talents =)

The Hancuff's said...

this turned out freakin cute! teach me to walk in the light:)

genderist said...

I was given one from target after baby was born. It was like a big hanky and didn't have the swanky bells and whistles that yours has... but although I'm excited for the pockets, I'm more pumped (pun intended) for the corset binding. I had to quit using mine because she just baked in there - I love the idea of being able to see her and her get some fresh air.

Good job! You'll be so glad you have it. And baby will be glad that she can breathe, too! It's a win-win.

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