Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Blood In My Brain?

I called the doctor yesterday.  I just didn't enjoy fainting as much as I thought.  And Miss Pitty Pat always made it look so fun!

Anywho, he thought maybe I had an inner ear infection.  Erm...k...minus the fact that I have zero other symptoms.  Oh well, I love extra co-pays and doctors appointments.

So, I drug my husband and kids to our family doctor.  And guess what...are you ready for this...are you sitting down...NO EAR INFECTION!

To be honest, I had been hoping I did have an ear infection.  A couple of antibiotics and all would be right with my brain.  Alas.

But he did notice that my blood pressure was low.  So, he had me lay down, took it again, then had me stand up.  Amidst a scream of "Bring me my salts uncle Peter I feel faint!" we found out I have very, very, very low blood pressure.  It dropped to 89/60. 

I'm not just a dizzy blonde after all!  Well, I guess that's debatable.

So, I may just need a pint of fluid every here and again.  I wish they had chocolate flavored saline...

Kelly Dizzy

P.S. I think one of the side effects of Low Blood Pressure is being very, very, very cranky.  Very.

P.P.S. Kimberly, why do I always cry when I read your comments?  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the hormones...thank you.


The Hancuff's said...

this is low:/ yikes!!! how 'bout a me and you night on thurday? Valentines day maybe? take it easy, as if you aren't already.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey! Drink water! TONS of water! You have to change the fishbowl.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly with the ugly uterus in her belly...

Me love you long time :) I hope they're happy tears and not sad ones!

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