Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day in the Life: Afternoon Naps

A must.

An absolute must.

An absolute must that requires planets to align and stars to fall and kitchens to be clean. 

It doesn't happen a lot.

I'd like to say that I walk to pick Cohen up from school every day.  I'd like to say I weigh 120 pounds.  I'd like to say a lot of things.  But usually I drive the one minute to pick him up.  If I'm feeling particularly feisty, I walk with my BF Tanya and her cute kids with my cute kids (a lot of screaming).  Today, since Brett confiscated the mini-van to go to work because I was just too exhausted to drive him, I have to get to walk. 
Following the "pick up", we head up hill home.  Please note, this is all up hill.  In snow.  With no shoes.  Pulling a wagon.  Okay, I have shoes.

Lunch for Cohen is almost always PBJ.  Am I bad mom?  I don't think so.  He eats wheat bread, and peanut butter is jam packed (hyuck hyuck) with protein.  And the jam...well, I think there's some fruit in there.  Kembry I mostly battle to eat anything.  Today will be interesting, seeing as how she's been throwing up and other unseemly things these past two days.  Did I mention I was exhausted?

All I know is that during this time I'm shoving food into their mouths as fast as I can because I can feel my soft bed calling to me.  "Remember me Kelly?  From last night?  Wasn't it delicious how I cradled you?  How soft and welcoming I am?  Come to me, Kelly.  Coooome to me and I will take you into dream land..."

Eat kids!  EAT! EAT! EAT!

Hopefully the next 1 to 3 hours I'm completely blacked out with the occasional nursing session, for which I barely wake up enough to drag her over to me.

I do love co sleeping.

By the time I wake up, if I'm lucky, my darling children are just rolling out of bed with tired smiles on their faces, ready for a cartoon or two to wake them up while I pull myself together enough to trick Brett into thinking I was awake the whole time, preforming my stay-at-home-mom duties with pearls and high-heels.


And then the craziest time of day begins.  The time of day that has me counting down to 7:45 pm when I can chuck the kids in the tub, hose 'em off, and throw them back into their abyss bedroom.  Tune in for the insanity, if you dare...MWAHAHAHAHA.

(There's that monkey again.  Why is he screaming?  Quick, someone give him a stick of butter!)

Kelly Out


Kimberly said...

My son runs on PB&J on a daily basis too...cause I'm all creative with lunches and 100% lazy.

PS. That Gorilla...lives in my house. Your Gorilla may be his long lost twin.

genderist said...

Pearls and high-heels, eh? Your house is *exactly* like my house, to!

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