Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day in the Life: Mornings Suck

Following up from yesterdays post, and because Bloggy Moms posted this challenge (and nothing like me to wait until the very last day to do it...) you all have won a look into the day in the life of me.

Put down the gun, it's not so bad. 

Usually my morning begins with a very loud scream around 4:45 a.m.  How such a little thing can scream, and then subsequently eat, so much, I know not.  Never the less, she's awake now, and I am grumpy.  Brett and I then spend the next 3 hours bouncing, rocking, and sticking our fingers into her mouth and praying for a strange sleep-inducing mist to seep through the cracks in our cheap windows. 

It's yet to happen.

Around 7 a.m. when Chloe has finally started to doze off, we hear the sweetest sound.  "Good morning Cohen."  "Morning Kembry."  And they make their way into the living room to sniff out any candy and goodies Brett and I may have left out the night before, and color the carpet with permanent marker. 

In a coma-like state, one of us adults makes something edible for breakfast (use the word edible lightly here folks).  I try to infuse the kids with as many vitamins as God's green earth can offer up, while Brett injects sugar directly into their veins via Cookie Crisps (and they don't even finish the milk.)  Although the 12 o'clock sugar crash is kinda convenient.

And then, perhaps the hardest part of my day, I send away Kembry's entertainment to soak up all that Kindergarten knowledge.  And hopefully all of this by the witching hour of 8:20 a.m., because other parents walk my kid to school for me.  I'm THAT lazy.

Tune in this afternoon for the second of THREE, that's right folks, THREE installments of "A Day in the Life".  Because, frankly, I'm too tired to remember what we do in the afternoons...I think it has something to do with dancing monkeys and a stick of butter, but I'm not 100% on that...

Yeah, that looks familiar.
Kelly Out

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Lindsay said...

Haha! Love this! You make me giggle - every time I read your posts! And what the heck - you are SOOO talented. You are an incredible writer...I love reading about your life! You are just fabulous!

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