Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day in the Life: Gooooodnight Vietnam

 Now that Cohen's in school and has homework every night, it helps the evenings go by a bit quicker.  Well, it would if he didn't know everything already. 
"What shape is this, son?"

(Head in hand, in the most bored voice he can conjure up...) "Square."

"And this, my darling little angel?"

(Sigh...) "Circle.  Mom, I already know all this!"

Okay, okay.  Um..."Quick, what is the quadratic formula?"

Perks up.  "X equals negative B plus minus the square root of B squared minus 4 AB all over 2A."

"Oh, sorry son, that's 'minus 4 AC over 2A.  Back to the dungeons with you."

Anyway, bed time is always interesting.  Comparing notes, my BF and I have learned that all little girls are the same: evil to the core.  Being LDS, we say prayers at night as a family, and then individually.  Even if Brett and I try to get out of it, Cohen won't let us.  His OCD is progressing nicely.  But Kembry, oh Kembry, little bane light of my life.  She sings during prayers, she laughs, she hits, she bites, she screams...needless to say, the Spirit doesn't always abound in our home during prayers.  This is a sore spot for me, so I'll move on..

Bed time is the sweetest time.  I miss the kids, of course, but oh, the silence.  The sweet, sweet, silence. 

"Honey, I love yo-"

"Oh Brett, shut up and enjoy the silence."

Throw in 400 diaper changes, 70 feedings, a few dozen tantrums followed by time-outs, sprinkle that with spilled juice and sticky floors, and a soupcon of death threats and you've got it.  A Day in the Life of Me.

Kelly Off to Bed


Kimberly said...

I think it is so wonderful that you all pray together before bed time!

PS. You better whip that kid into shape. How could he have messed up that formula. Jeesh.

Cerulean Bill said...

"His OCD is progressing nicely." You mean CDO, right? (g)

genderist said...

(Is that a math joke? I don't get it... CDO?)

We've been working on "God is great, God is good... etc before meals. She'll hold her hands together and say "Godis! Godis!" and then sit until the end and she'll say "ameh" after we say amen.

Sometimes in church she'll echo "ameh" after prayers, too. She also cheers after the hymns.

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