Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Theme. What's a Theme?

My BFF made a point the other day while we were waiting to pick up our kindergartners.  She said, "These days, if you're a stay-at-home-mom, you have to be an expert at cooking or taking pictures."

I laughed, because things that are true but that are ridiculous always make me laugh.  Which is why I look in the mirror every morning: best way to start out the day with a smile.

So I started thinking.  "A dangerous past time, I know..."  I thought to myself, "Self, what do you blog about?"  Then I took my skizo pills and stopped talking to myself.

I read a lot of blogs that "specialize".  Kimberly over at "All Work and No Play..." writes for a great cause.  PPD.  Then of course you have sewing blogs, photography blogs, blogs on dogs, blogs on knitting, crocheting, the art of adultery (I kid you not) and of course, COOKING.  I frequent those blogs, it's how I build up an appetite since I don't ever leave the couch.

There are bloggers like Pioneer Woman, who, well, if you don't know about her you live in a cave on the moon.  Please invite me over.  But she's one of those people that is good at everything: cooking, photography, writing, name it.  She makes the rest of us regular bloggers take a hit every time her site gets one.  But it's all good, cause she's amazing.

So what do I write about?  What do I offer the blogging community?  How on EARTH do I ever find anything to write about?

Well, I'm a mom.

I'm your average, tired, run-of-the-mill, cleaning, washing, cooking (poorly) mom.

And I write about that.

It might not always be interesting.  It might make you want to tear out your hair from the roots and send it to me via snail mail to tell me how sick you are of hearing about nursing and sore nipples and exhaustion.  No?  Just me?  Yeah, I could totally see me sending myself my own hair.

So, my theme?  How to survive being a mom.  There are so few manuals on the subject. 

What's "Barnes and Nobles"?  You people say funny things...oops, time to take that pill again.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  I'm not sure how it happens, seeing as I only get a comment here and there, but I've been averaging 70 hits a day.  35 from my mom, 20 from me, and the rest from you, my loyal fans...erm, readers. 

I love ya more than chocolate.

Not really.

Do you have any?

Kelly Out


Loren and Jess said...

I think your blog is funny. It always makes me laugh. Your intentions or not. It does. :)

genderist said...

One or three of those are me! I like reading your blog because you've got such a great attitude and always manage to explain the everyday-momness with such poise, even with your sore nipples and poopy diapers.

Mumsy said...

I love the way you write... so witty and funny! Wish I had your spunk, haha!

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