Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Could Be The BIG Winner

My fortune to the person who can get Chloe to stop crying and go to sleep.  Which is what she really wants to do.

Which is what I really want her to do.

Kelly Out

P.S.  My fortune contains $6.32, a button, a half unrolled bobbin and...a french fry?  Euw, how long has that been there?  And why is it in my wallet?

P.P.S.  HAHA!  I did it!  She sleeps!  Now give me that french fry...

1 comment:

Loren and Jess said...

So. I'm commenting to you from my phone. At the dentist office. I'm bored. You can definitely make me laugh. And... I love the new layout! I'm glad you got Chloe to stop crying.

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