Thursday, December 02, 2010

Add to the List

Two more things to add to the "I never thought I'd say" list.

1.  Kids, share with your father!

Seriously.   Brett was playing with one of those 'put your face in the nails and it molds your features' toys...I don't know any other way to describe it...and because he was making it look so fun, the kids wanted to play with it (naturally), but Brett wasn't finished playing with it.  Did I mention this was the kids toy?

By the way, does the second 't' in Brett's name seem a little superfluous?  Maybe it's just because the 't' on my computer is sticking and I'm sick of having to backspace and add a second one...

2.  No, Cohen, you can't do all your homework in one night.

My. Son. Is. AWESOME.  But he's also a little butthead and, on occasion, a bit annoying in his know-it-allism.

Cohen:  Why can't I do it all tonight?

Mom: Because that's not the point.  The point is to work on the stuff you learned in school today.

Cohen:  But I already know it!

Mom: You need to do homework every night.  Not just one night of the week.

Cohen: But whhhyyyyyyyyy?

Mom: (Now I knew I'd be saying this) Because I said so.

Kelly Out

1 comment:

genderist said...

Please let Daddy play with your toy... :) Cute.


We're trying to encourage ours to share. She's only one, but I think she understands the concept. Sometimes when she puts down a toy and moves to something else I pick it up and say "Mommy's turn!". Then I sing a little ad lib song about taking turns, while enivitably she screams her head off because that toy is way better than what she abandoned it for... then it's her turn and I sing the ad lib song again while she plays with it. And then it's Mommy's turn again, which induces tears.

But I feel like it's an important random torture. She's not going to have a little brother or sister -- so we're having to make do from time to time.

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