Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Aloha Utah, Aloha Hawaii

I'm going insane.

I left Chloe in the car today.  Luckily I was in and out of the store in 2.4 minutes.

Please don't call child services on me.  I'm a good mother, I really am.  When I get sleep.

I haven't gotten sleep in awhile.

I could really use a good pair of noise cancelling head phones.  But I went online and they're more money than I have to spend on groceries for a month, so I guess it's back to drinking myself deaf.

My kids have inherited the "Noise Family" traits.  We're the noisy family; at least it feels that way.  We don't go to the library for this very reason.  My son didn't even know what a library was until he started Kindergarten.  He came home and said, "MOM!  There's a room at school that has a million books in it!  And it's called a library."

There goes my mom of the year award.  But I'm pretty sure they'd kick us out anyway.  We've adopted the scream-louder-than-the-other-people-screaming tactic.  It doesn't really work, but when it's war, it's war.

My feet are freezing, but I got a pedicure today and I just can't stop staring at my toes.  It's like they don't belong to me.  It's like I murdered a rich, childless widow who had too much time and money on her hands and really cute red toenails, and then cut off her toes and glued them onto my feet.  Wow, did I mention I need a vacation?

Maybe I'll go to the tanning salon and pretend I'm in Hawaii for 7 and a half minutes...

Kelly Out

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