Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Thighs and Other Matters

I'm confused.  I thought there were no calories on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

And the math doesn't even add up.

I only ate TWO POUNDS of candy, but I gained FIVE POUNDS.

Are you as curious as I am?  Somethings fishy here.

Because, seriously, I would've said no to that last stick of butter had I known that my thighs were not in on the deal.

On a side note, and less chubb filled, Cohen gave his first talk at Church today.  If you were there, you probably saw the pride beaming out of mine and Bretts face.  The lights could've gone out at the church, but you woulda never known it.  If you weren't, Oh My Holy Heck, that boy is a stuuuuud mufffffin.

The boy read the whole thing by his cute little self.  He's only five and can read words like, "Obedient" and "Commandment".  I'm sorry, gush gush, but this is my first born.

He also gave Christmas a "two thumbs up.  Best Christmas ever!"  (Yes, we're going to take a break from movies for awhile. Stop judging me, you knew I was a lazy mother when you met my blog!)

Kelly Out

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