Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just Don't Read This Post

Instead of asking my husband if he farted, I'm just going to say, "Do you smell something stinky?  Like something died in the heater vent and is rotting?  Maybe it rolled into one of Chloe's diapers and ate it and then died and is now oozing the contents of it's stomach...Do you smell that?"

He might come back with the whole, "He who smelt it, dealt it" bit, because he likes to rhyme, and he's not as grossly talented as I am.  Or is that, talented when it comes to being gross?

I digress...

I'll just come back with, "Girls are made of cinnamon and spice, and that's what our farts smell like."

And he'll come back with, "I thought you said once that girls don't fart?"  (I did.  It was a lie.  Shhh.)

And I'll take the game by saying, "We don't, but if we did, you'd be askin' us to put it in your hot chocolate."

Merry Christmas from the woman who suggested farting in your husbands hot chocolate.

Kelly Out

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