Monday, May 16, 2011

"I have good ideas in my little brain."

My son, the genius.

I'd like to share with the world my reasons why I think my son is the greatest 5-year-old-almost-6-year-old on the face of the planet, nay, in the entire universe.

Firstly, he adores me.  Freakish intelligence?  Yes.

B)  He corrected my grammar today.  He was spot on.

Reason the third:

I asked Kembry to come and get her hair brushed after her bath.  She refused (shocking).  Cohen said, "Kembry, don't you want your hair pretty like Cinderella's or Tangled?"

"Yes," she said.

"Then you need to get it brushed, okay?"

She pranced over to me, and as I was brushing out her Highness hair, Cohen said, "That's a distraction, mom.  I have good ideas in my little brain."

Yet another example:

Today while driving to the doctors office in freaking Hairyman, Kembry said the copper mines were volcanoes, and Cohen kindly corrected her, and told her they were copper mines.  He then asked Brett what, exactly, are copper mines?  And Brett told him that they find all sorts of metals there, and Cohen said, "Like gold, and silver, and copper?  That's impressive."

No, son, you're impressive.

Finally (for this post, cause this mama could go on all freaking day)  he went to take a "Post-Kindergarten" test today.  Psht.  Brett said it was the exact same test he took at the first of the year, which he blew out of the water.

I'm writing to N.A.S.A. first thing in the morning.  Don't worry, I'll have Cohen read over it and make corrections.

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