Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Have Sick Breath

I rolled out of bed in a panic today around 10 a.m.

But once the adrenaline subsided and I realized Brett was working from home today and that nuclear war hadn't happened while I slept in, I noticed that I felt a little better.

So the goal today is to take it easy and give myself a, as Brett calls it, "recovery day".  I have a tendency to jump in and clean everything I have neglected for the past 4 days e.g.* the massive, but totally fun, BBQ we had here on Saturday, as soon as I think I feel better.

I'm determined to take a shower today, you're all welcome, and brush my teeth.  Again, you're welcome.  It is nice that my body fights back whenever I move too much by forcing me to attempt coughing up my lungs.

And oh my, I am so happy this thing is behind me.  I'm pretty sure if I had the strength, suicide would've crossed my mind on Sunday.  I went home from church bawling because I felt so awful.  Turns out a 104 fever will do that to you.

*You must go to this link.  It's hilarious.  But if you're...thinned skinned, just stick to the link and travel not into the further recesses of his blog.  He's funny, but vulgar.  Anyhoodle, have a great day!

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