Monday, June 27, 2011

Our House...In The Middle of Our Circle

My house.  My home.  Doesn't it have great curb appeal?  I think it does, and I'm not at all biased.  I love the green shutters and the green, matching door.  I love the brick and the cream siding.  I love my hanging plants Brett got me for mother's day.

 My driveway.  My garage.  My parking strip.  Sigh.

Oh dear *fist to teeth* it's almost too hard to look.

Our patio.  Many a fab BBQ's had here.  

Our trampoline in the ground.  Best ever.

Our hammock.  A few weeks ago in the evening, after the kids were all gone to bed, Brett and I lounged out here under the Russian Olive tree.  It was so peaceful and wonderful.  Then it got better when Cohen sneaked out and laid with us.

Our garden.  I won't get to harvest the corn, beans, melons or weeds.  

All those rocks came from our back yard when we dug it up.  It makes for a great rock wall.  The best.

I love our house.

This kitchen took three months and all of the Harry Potter series on CD to finish.  I sanded and stained those cabinets myself.

I love our little baker's counter.  Normally covered in crap that I have NO IDEA where to put.  Today, covered in a KitchenAid and bananas.  Our kitchen is so empty right now, it echos.  I hate it.

Our living room and cozy fireplace.  I love it in the winter when I put garland covered in twinkle lights all over it, and hang out stockings with care.  Oh man, this hurts.

Our soon-to-be-Farrs' piano.  And you see that green door?  I brought 3 brand new babies through that door.

I love our bedroom.  I love the chair rail, I love the colors we chose to paint.  I love my Ikea bed spread and my ginormous $60 mirror.  I love the orange flowers that Cheyenne gave me; one for each week left of my pregnancy with Chloe.

It really comes in handy having a step-dad who owns his own tiling business.  Our bathroom was the first remodel of the house and I love LOVE it.  

I love my bathtub.  It's made for soaking.  It has arm rails to rest your arms and it slopes in the back for optimum soaking pleasure.

That's travertine tile there on the floor.  It's gorgeous.  And you don't have to worry about 6 gallons of water spilling on it when the kids play in the tub.  

I just love the backsplash Brett picked out for our kitchen.

This is an amazing house.  The trees outside cast the most beautiful colors throughout the house when the sun is setting.  I can send the kids out into the circle and neglect them for hours knowing they're safe.  We have the most amazing neighbors that have become best friends, and the best ward ever.  And when it snows, everything outside glows.  

I hope I  remember everything about this house and our neighborhood...and just everything.

Goodbye, sweet home.

I wanted to make this post to help sell our house, but I just can't stop crying.  It doesn't help that Brett just flew away, the photographer came and took pictures and our house is officially listed, and that Aunt Flo is visiting (uninvited, yet again.)  I just love our home.  I wanted to have Kembry's wedding reception in the back yard.  I couldn't wait for the basement to be finished and have a giant play room for the kids.  I couldn't wait to host a Thanksgiving dinner here when our kids were all grown and I had grandbabies.  I have to stop now.

Man, it's going to be so freaking hard to say goodbye to this home.


Three girls and a Daddy said...

Have to say you make me want to cry! I know how you feel I felt heart broken when we left Magna, I actually drove by our old house on Burr Dr last week, we planted the trees, grass, rose bush...made me wish we still lived there, that said we have lived in 5 different places since then and I have to say I have loved them all and was very sad when it came time to leave. You will love your new house as much as your old! Houses are just houses it's your love and touch that make them your own and soon you will have a fabulous new house that you will love just as redecorating a house is just too much fun not to get excited about!

Kimberly said...

Such a beautiful home. Hugs Kelly

The Hancuff's said...

your house looks amazing! walking three new babies through that door, that was the real tear jerker for me. i have a lump in my throat right now. can't comment to much more than than. we love you guys...alot.

Lindsay said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL. And holy cow - what a backyard! It's enormous! Weston would LOVE your tramp - he's obsessed. So awesome that's it's underground. And I love all your tiling! So beautiful. I hate change, I feel your pain, really. I hate it. I'm so sorry! Hang on tight to all those wonderful memories! You'll make more incredible ones soon! No worries!

genderist said...

You'll be so glad you have the pictures to look back on and remember!

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