Tuesday, March 06, 2012

9 Is an Odd Number

Sunday was my 9 year anniversary.

*Hold for applause*

Yes, thank you.  Those of you who had 9 years in the pot, sorry, you lost.

I didn't post the day of because I've been thinking a lot about my beloved.  And even though I post for my readers, I also post to remember.

Brett is an amazing person, in addition to being my  husband ;)  He's a true friend.  He sticks with people, no matter what.  He sees in the cast-aways the very precious diamond in the rough that they are.  And then he brings them into my life.

He's artistic.  He doesn't just draw his new wife while she's sleeping (year one), or write her beautiful music (pre-marriage, year one, two) but he also creates.  He creates art in our home.  He is artistic in the way he parents, always thinking about what "angle" to use and how to best create the outcome he's hoping for.  He's absolutely amazing.

Brett loves me even when I don't.  He doesn't take to heart my lack of self-esteem and self deprecation.  He brings me out of my slumps.  When I'm overwhelmed and on an emotional roller coaster, he makes me laugh, even if I don't want to.

The man does dishes for Heaven's sake.

He holds the priesthood.

He serves valiantly in our faith.

He loves our children.

And for some reason, he married me.  I won't try to figure out why.  I'll just bask in how lucky I am for the rest of eternity.

For our anniversary, I lay in bed on pain medications while he spent 2 hours helping Cohen clean his room.  Not as fancy as some of our others, but definitely on the top ten list *wink*

Happy 9 year anniversary, weirdo.  I love you.

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genderist said...

Happy anniversary!!
(and many more...)

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