Thursday, March 01, 2012

Before I Forget: Chloe is Talking!

Chloe has said several new words today and I didn't want my placenta to suck out all memory of this day.  She has said, just today:

backpack (Brett and the kids were present when this was said, several times, this morning.  I have witnesses!)
bubble (Singing the "I had a baby turtle" song.)
POP! (Also baby turtle song.)
Beep (Watching Spongebob.)
Bite (Eating a chicken nugget that I nearly died getting for her.)

She also says as one word:

Thank you (ankoo)
I love you (I don't really know how to write how she says it.  But it's adorable.)

She also says:

Caca (When she poops.  Brett taught her this.)
Go! Go! Go! (On an adventure...from the Dr. Seuss PBS theme song.  Every morning.  Adorable.)
Co (For Cohen)
Ka (I think for Kembry?  Maybe...?)

So anyway.  She's adorable.  When I fix the camera I'll put some pictures up on this post.  Her hair is super long and so are her legs.  Just love my baby girl!!

She also pushes around a baby stroller everywhere, and she LOVES to feed me (and stick her icky sticky fingers all up in my mouth.)

The End...or is it "The Beginning"...

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