Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Asterisk Update

Things I'm lovin':

*Nap time.

*Strawberries with Pearl Sugar.  Peaches with Pearl Sugar.  Ok, pretty much anything with Pearl Sugar.

*Neighbors with kids.  Whaaat.  I am loving having Gracie, Paige and Lincoln, and of course Logan next door.  I love sending them back and forth.  I love how everyone congregates at our house. 

*Baby kicks.  I felt it out the outside last night and I am hoping that I can soon make Brett touch my belly and feel it kick and make him fake amazement.  He's a man, it's not his fault.

*Target.  I found these adorable little spring colored ceramic pots for 2.50 each, which is awesome in my book.

*Costco sized strawberries.  Um, yum!

Things I'm not diggin':

*I really need to get my camera up and functioning.  *Sigh*  It's just so much work.  I don't like work.  Yuck.

*Acid reflux.

*Lots of pee.

*Hot.  Hot.  Hot.  It is HOT here mama, and it's only mid 80's.  I'm going to melt this summer. 

So maybe in a few days I'll have a few pictures uploaded of the "baby bump".  I have one from 16 weeks and then one recently.  So...yeah...we shall seeeeee....

1 comment:

The Finlinsons said...

Yeah...I must say that I think AZ might be a little hot for me. When I'm dying in MARCH, I don't know if I could handle the SUMMER. You may luck out in me coming to live there....

But on the positive side, eating fresh oranges and other fruit off the tree every morning was definitely a benefit for AZ!

All that fresh fruit, mmmm...

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