Friday, March 02, 2012


Men compartmentalize.

This means the following:

If dinner needs to be made a man thinks:  I'm hungry.

Women multi-task.

This means the following:

If dinner needs to be made, a woman thinks: It's 5:26 p.m.  The kids need to be in bed by 7:00.  I need  to change the sheets on kid 2's bed.  Kid 1 and 3 need a bath.  The dishes aren't done, so I can't defrost chicken in the sink.  No time to do dishes and defrost chicken.  I still need to run to Costco for diapers.


Expecting men to think like women is not only unreasonable, it's nigh impossible.  But let's return to our previous model.

Men think: I compartmentalize.  This is who I am.

Women think: I know he compartmentalizes, but I really wish he wouldn't.  I wish he could tell time, do dishes, and juggle the children all at the same time.

Men think: I compartmentalize.

Women think: And why can't he pick up something he steps over?  Or on?  Or put the toilet seat down?  Or bring me flowers?  Or take dancing lessons?  Why do I always have to nag him to put his socks in the hamper?

And men think: I compartmentalize.

Even though I know my husband is a man, and I have ample proof that he compartmentalizes, I still think these irrational thoughts.  That is, until I take pain medicine.

And then this woman thinks: I like cake.

And Brett thinks: I compartmentalize.

And I think: I like cake.

My point: someone please bring me some cake.

The End

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Seriously. Don't get me started! Haha! I hope you have gotten some cake by now. I have eaten 3 boxes of Samoas this weekend. Yikes!!!

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