Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poof! 18 Weeks!

Size of Baby:  Our little sweet potato is the size of...well...a sweet potato.  Weighing in at almost 8 oz and measuring 5 1/2 inches, he's practically a line backer.

Total Weight Gain:  I have no clue.  Still haven't replaced those batteries in that evil scale.  I just pretend it's still 2 pounds.

Maternity Clothes:  When it's not sweats and Brett's sweater, it's maternity clothes.  I got some nice, comfortable new pants and a few new shirts and I'm really happy I did.  It makes me feel...well, not pretty but not frumpy.  Win!

Gender:  Now I oscillate.  Can you believe me?  My lack of determination has failed.  I guess we'll know more soon...

Movement:  Definitely something alive down there.  It enjoys sweets and V8 Juice almost as much as I do.  I get a guaranteed "Thank you for the goods" kick when I eat those things.  Of course this is my favorite part of the whole gestation thing.

Sleep:  Sleep has been sucking.  Pee pee breaks, terrifying dreams and a stretching uterus makes for a long, long night.  But I remind myself: it's not about how many hours I get, but how I feel.  And I feel...tired ;)  Ha!

What I Miss:  Well, sleep.  But after 3 kids I'm just used to it.  It hasn't started to phase me.  I can still remember...things...important where Chloe is...crap.

Cravings:  They're random and sudden and all consuming.  "I must have a Sonic chili cheese dog or I.  Will.  Die."  But mostly I'm craving healthy things like donuts and soda.  Ok, and asparagus and broccoli and still V8's, thank heavens.

Symptoms:  The contractions have started again :/  And the bleeding from unseemly parts of my body :/  And the achy uterus and swelling of the legs, ankles, feet and hands.  Stuffy nose.  Bleeding Gums Murphy (name that cartoon!)  Headaches.  Heart burn and acid reflux.  Mostly all the fun stuff ;)

Best Moment of the Week(s):  I don't know, it's been a great couple of weeks.  We went to Utah for 9 days and saw all our favorite people.  Stayed up late talking with friends.  Ate Arctic Circle with Cheyenne.  Saw a movie with Miss Jessie.  The kids got spoiled rotten by grandparents and Aunts.  What a shame.  And we stayed a night at Circus Circus on a whim on our way home (which I do not recommend.  It's expensive and ugly and smells yucky and the food sucks.  The Brett and the kids had a blast at Adventuredome.)  So...the past two weeks have just been a whirlwind of fun!  Hard to pick just one moment!!!

Honestly, though, I guess there was a best moment.  We found out our new neighbors are MEMBERS (which shouldn't matter, but I was super excited anyway) and they're AWESOME, and they have KIDS.  So, win, win, and win.

This Weeks Thoughts:  As we go about looking to buy houses, I wonder where the baby should sleep.  I guess it depends on gender when deciding who will share a room with whom.  But I like looking at the houses we're contemplating and thinking, "This would be a great room for the baby and Cohen," or, "Chloe and the baby could share this room."  Cohen is all up for having the baby in his room.  I think Chloe is all up for...not having the baby anywhere near her ;)  JK.  She's actually really cute with other kids and babies.  So, that's mostly what I'm obsessing about this week.  Getting into a house permanently.  I can't wait!

Sibling Rivalry:  Our kids are just awesome.  I mean, really, just awesome.  They get along, they play together.  Cohen and Kembry are best friends (most of the time) and Chloe is as sweet as can be with other little kids and babies.  We are really, really blessed.


genderist said...

The Simpsons!! BGM played the sax.

Is there a prize?

Neff Family said...

Your prize is that you're totally awesome!

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry you're not sleeping.
K, I know the baby at the end is completely worth it, but do you ever feel like an idiot when you're pregnant? I think all the time, "I knew it would be like this, yet I still chose it! I am an IDIOT."
Just wondering....

That is awesome your neighbors are members. It's something you take for granted when you live in Utah.
And lastly, happy house hunting! I love house hunting!

genderist said...

I think the prize should be it's time for you to post a belly pic.

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