Monday, March 29, 2010

Day One: The End?

Day One with no t.v. dawned ominous.  Kembry woke up (so Brett tells me) "real early", and I clomp out of my bedroom not "real early" to find her watching t.v.


Oh well.  I let myself be the bad guy, turned it off, ushered her into the kitchen where a gormet bowl of cereal awaited her.

Here's the thing about not watching t.v.  It. Is. Hard.  So, I packed up the monkeys and took us to the zoo.  After the zoo we had a lovely 3 hour nap (hey, if I'm not gonna watch my life away, I can sleep it away, right?) followed by a deep cleaning of the mini-van.  Yuck.  But it's all for a good cause.  I think...

After walking a few miles up and down hills and scrubbing my mini-van on all fours, I get a lovely call from my OBGYN's nurse.  I have been having these sort of obnoxious 'cramps' turned 'contractions' for a few days now.  Apparently that's not a good thing, who knew?  So after lying to her, "Nooo...I haven't been doing anything strenuous.  Long walks?  Me?  Nope."  I was instructed to lay down the rest of the night and all of tomorrow, and if they're still coming, we get to make the lovely trip in for a super-nifty stress test.


My children outside.  The rule still stands (for them).  But I don't have a new book to read, and Brett's playing his guitar, and I'm not allowed to move around or jump on a trampoline or go skydiving (like I had originally planned to do tonight) so I am a quiter.  Tonight and possibly all day tomorrow I will be watching t.v.  I like to think of it as trying not to go into pre-term labor instead of admitting I'm a loser.  At my own game. 

I suck.

But tune in on Wednesday to see if the rainy weather has further weakened my resolve. 

Kelly Out

*Update:  T.V. has been off all evening.  Brett is now playing a game with the rodents, and I'm watching.  Very entertaining.  I'm not thinking about CBS Monday nights at alllllllllll. 


The Hancuff's said...

let me know how your stress test goes, well i guess if you have to have one. maybe we'll walk over tomorrow.

The Finlinsons said...

You know, it amazes me how the Devil knows the PERFECT TIMING when it comes to making goals....That always happens to me. When I decide to make a new goal I can automatically know that something will come up to either prevent or make doing it TONS harder. Dumb.

Well, I must say that I am proud of you for sticking strong with the kids and no TV. I think that would be harder for me to do.

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