Monday, March 15, 2010


My son is playing WII while I attempt to ebb the flow of nasal drippage, unsuccessfully. 

Did anyone besides me catch that?

My son, who I wouldn't let eat french fries until he was 18 months old, and now thinks potatoes are french fries and nothing else, is playing WII.

WII, a game console I swore I would never have in my house.  Along with every other game console on the shelves.  This was more for my protection than the kids though...I have an addictive personality =)  Apparently addictive personalities are genetic.  Shoot.

I'm too sick, too exhausted, too drippy to care right now.  I'll care later. 

"I'll think about that tomorrow."  Oh, Scarlett, your vain wisdom comes in handy so often these days.  BTW, did you ever get Rhett back? 

Kelly Out

(Where's my daughter, you may ask.  That is a great question.)

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