Sunday, March 28, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

For sometime now I've been comtemplating doing something pretty radical, pretty out there, pretty insane. 

I've been thinking about going an entire week without watching T.V. 


This is a HUGE decision for me.  We don't watch a lot of t.v.  I mean, we have our "shows", so do the kids.  Every morning I thank the Heavens for television while I prepare breakfast for ravenous beasts.  But I also use it as a crutch, and having been under the weather for the past few weeks, I think I've worn the crutch to a nub.  My poor, deprived, television-desensitized children. 

I've made a list of all the fun things we can do besides t.v. (watch out Tanya, we may be over a lot), and it's a pretty substantial list.  And as I read the list, I realize these are a lot of things we're not doing all because t.v. is easier, faster, and sometimes (let's be honest) more interesting.

Syoooo, I'm gonna do it.  It's taken me longer to pin down a date on this than it did to decide to have a third baby, or buy a house, or give away a kidney.  Okay, I haven't given away a kidney, but you get the idea (I am a donor though, so I mean...that sort of counts, right?)

Wish me, and my children, who won't be speaking to me for a long time to come, a lot of luck! 

Kelly Out


The Hancuff's said...

so will that week be this week? good luck with that. on that note, i think we're going to come get the tv this week if thats ok:) hopefully, its warm and playing outside will be an option.

Nini said...


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