Monday, March 01, 2010

A Re-cap

Because a week is a LONG time to sum up, I'm just gonna bullet point my totally awesome vacation to Chicago.  Okay, I'm gonna bullet point ONE DAY of my totally awesome vacation to Chicago.

  • I missed my very first flight.  Not a big deal, it turns out, except that my luggage went to my original airport destination while I did not.
  • Brett's work spoils him with his hotel room.
  • Nauvoo is a very long way away from Northbrook.  But Brett made me laugh uncomfortably hard the entire way. 
  • The original door is in the Carthage jail.  With the original bullet hole.  Pretty cool.
  • We got privagte tours at Carthage and the Nauvoo Temple.  It's like they were all just there for us...
  • Did a session at the Nauvoo Temple.  Amazing, beautiful temple.  Great experience.
  • Brett asked if he could call the Bridge Toll Taker a Troll.  I married the perfect man.
  • We crossed the Mississippi three times.  Does this sound right to you?
  • Arby's in Des Moines serves chicken soup.  They also have mustard.  Gross.
  • I saw a Bald Eagle hanging out in a tree outside Burlington.  I mean, just hanging out.  Not in a zoo.  It. Was. Amazing.  I'm still geekin' out.
That was all one day.  We left Nauvoo at 8:30 pm.  We didn't get 'home' until 2 a.m.  It was a loooooong drive.  I drove most of the way because a) I get car sick at the best of times; b) Brett was really tired, and it scared me; c) Brett and I just prefer this arrangement (i.e. I'm a control freak).

About an hour out of Northbrook, I tried to curl my toes, ya know, give 'em a little stretch.  But I couldn't.  Bad sign.  I reached down and felt my calf.  It was rock hard and twice it's usual size.  Uh-oh.  But Brett was fast asleep.  So I kept on until 20 minutes outside the city, pulled over, poked him in the eye, and made him drive.  I could barely walk back into the hotel.  My feet wouldn't go into my shoes.  BUT! we got to sleep in until 12:44 the next day.  Awesome.

The rest of the trip consists of delicious food, lots of sleeping, hot tubbing, swimming, and getting lost.  I really appreciate the introduction to new and delicious food, but I resent the fact that all those wonderful restaurants are in a far-away land that I may never visit again.

By the end of the week, I missed the kids so much, I was very ready to go home.  My luggage got lost again, but I got upgraded to first class and got free t.v. syooooo, I'm not complainin'.  Most of my clothes were in Brett's luggage anyway (weighing in at a hefty 49 lbs!)

It was really nice being disconnected from the world.  I still feel misplaced being home.  I wake up expecting a nice, clean hotel room.  But I guess I prefer the 6:30 morning call from Kembry (growing pains again, poor thing) and the incoherent morning ramblings of the boy.  He's hilarious.

Yay home!

Kelly Out

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