Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 Weeks

Oh my, where does the time go.  I had to double check my math to see if I really was 14 weeks along.  This is flying by.  And since it's our last, it sort of makes me sad. 

Size of Baby:  Little snapper is the size of a lemon.

Total Weight Gain:  My scale batteries died and I've been too lazy busy, doing important things, to change them.  Ha!

Maternity Clothes:  Um, I pretty much haven't gotten out of my pajama pants this past week, so...no maternity clothes.  Woo hoo!  But my belly is getting harder and rounder so, by the time I roll out of bed and shower, I'm sure I'll be in maternity pants, at the very least.

Gender:  This is so cute:  Since my pregnancy with Kembry, my sweet step-mom likes to rub my belly with a clothing item of the gender she wants me to have.  Two out of two have some out.  So she sent me a boy onsie that says, "BIG BROTHER" on it.  It was the first time this whole pregnancy I got that little thrill of, "Oh my gosh we're having a baby!!"  I'm so excited.  Boy or girl, I'm excited.  But my hives and I still say BOY.  I'm gonna feel real stupid when that ultrasound shows us a girl.  Haha!

Movement:  I'm definitely starting to feel movement. It's so light and so fleeting, but absolutely wonderful.  I'm sure he's sick of me poking him in the head by now. 

Sleep:  Sleep has sucked because of my back.  I had a nightmare that my lower spine had disintegrated, similar to having scurvy of the spine.  The doctors kept telling me I couldn't carry a baby if I didn't have a spine and that I'd have to give it up for adoption.  Yeah...sleep no good lately.

What I Miss:  Nothing, again.  This pregnancy is still really strange in that I'm so busy with life, I keep forgetting!  It will be nice to have a huge belly sticking out, and hard jabs to the ribs reminding me.  Did I just say that?

Cravings:  V8 JUICE!  I downed 3 when Brett brought them home.  Now I have to share with Chloe.  Laaaame.  Just kidding.  She's so cute with her little V8 mustache.  Plus, only 30 calories a pop and a full serving of veggies.  This baby is going to be pumped full of vitamins.  Poor thing.  I downed like two cups of broccoli the other night.  My body is telling me something...I wonder what it is...

Symptoms:  *Blush*  Gas.  And bloating.  And a bit of acid reflux.  My new affinity with V8 juice isn't helping.  My tummy is sore and I'm a bit crampy, but it's all good.  Gotta stretch eventually.

Best Moment of the Week:  I was thinking about this last night.  I was reading to Cohen (I read 6 stories to that child!) and I was doing funny voices and sounds and he was lapping it up (or acting like he liked it, who knows).  Either way, I just love having kids.  I love my kids.  Ya know what I mean?  I love reading to them, and I love how they love to read to me.  I love solving problems for them.  I love bringing them out of tantrums.  I love to see them smile.  I love tucking them into bed.  I love waking them up in the mornings (I sing the "Good Morning" song from "Singing in the Rain" and sometimes, most of the time, they sing it back.  I love it.)  So, best moment of the week: my kids.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Tonight, Kembry was complaining that Chloe screams too much (they share a bedroom).  I told her to not worry, because Cohen would soon have to share a bedroom with a new baby, and they scream a lot more.  She smiled and laughed.  It made me laugh.  So I'm looking forward to Cohen sharing a new room with his brother (or sister).  I'm looking forward to watching the kids hold the baby and fawn over it.  I'm looking forward to new baby smell and nursing and newborn diapers. 

That onsie really got me excited!

This Weeks Thoughts:  I've been stressed and upset about my back.  It really limits me and that's hard.  I think of my grandma and how mad I would get at her for not just sitting the heck down and resting her sore back.  She always had to be up and doing something.  And now here I am, scrubbing the oven and hand washing pans and living heavy laundry baskets.  I hate feeling limited.  I feel trapped.  So I'm going to figure out a way, SOME WAY, to survive this back pain for the next 24 weeks.  I'm just not sure what that's going to be yet....

Sibling Rivalry:  I guess there's always going to be some fighting.  Even amongst perfect children *snort*.  My kids are strange though.  I guess sharing a bedroom for five years warped them.  They hate sleeping in separate rooms, and yet they can barely stand to sit next to each other in the mini-van for the five minute drive to school.  Who knows with these people.  They act like a bunch of 5 and 6 year old's sometimes. 

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