Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How I Say "I Love You"][

The bathroom has been completely and entirely sanitized.  I feel like I should put a little paper stripe across the toilet like they do in hotels: "SANITIZED".

Awww.  I feel much better.  I wish SOMEONE WHO WON'T BE MENTIONED-BRETT, could have cleaned it for me while I was in the throws.  At least he now has a clean toilet to puke in.

I'm thoughtful like that.  On Valentines Day, no less.  Extra credit!

No, somehow, I have to figure out how to delouse the rest of the house.  Seriously, don't they make Lysol bombs?

On a side note, we figured out why the water from our fridge keeps leaking.  It's a little problem named Chloe.  I need to invest in some Samsonite child proof locks.

Hope every has a great, puke-free Valentines Day!


Kimberly said...

They need to make Lysol bombs. We should market that. We'd be rich and then could hire maids to clean up puke and other bodily functions...or would that be mean?

Neff Family said...

When you're rich, you can AFFORD to be mean.

Rachel said...

I second the vote on making lysol bombs.
And you are going to be rich. It's pure genius.

Sorry you had a puky Valentines. That sounds like no fun at all. I'm 99% sure germs only visit our family on holidays. It's like they think they're family or something. "What? A holiday? It's Thanksgiving? We'll be there!"
I'm going to write them a letter telling them they are not invited to our house on holidays. You should do the same.

Neff Family said...

That sucks Rachel! Sickness hits our house EVERY TIME Brett goes on a business trip. EVERY TIME. I'm starting to get Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and facial ticks when he starts packing.

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