Monday, February 06, 2012

Is It Naptime Yet?

Last night went as expected: I couldn't sleep.

I finally dozed off around midnight, which isn't so bad.

But then I was suddenly awaken at 3 AM by what sounded like a mirror shattering.

It was loud and terrifying.

And it was only a dream.

But of course, I couldn't go back to sleep.

For some reason, when I'm suddenly awakened, I see spiders everywhere.  It just lasts a few seconds, but it's enough to get my heart pounding.  Brett hates this, because I usually scream.  What?  It's terrifying to wake up to spiders crawling all over you.

Last night it wasn't spiders.  It was a scorpion.  After I saw a brief glance, I could swear it was real.  I turned on the lights.  I searched the blankets.  I searched the closet.  I searched my shoes.  I looked in the garbage can in the bathroom.

All of this was enough to keep me wide awake for a good two hours.  Every sound I heard was a scorpion scudding into bed with me.  Every hairy leg scratch against the sheets was IT'S hairy leg, not mine.  It was not restful.

And then Cohen came in around 6:30 due to a nightmare of his own.  I could really sympathize, so he got to sleep in bed with me.

Pretty sure he has restless leg syndrome.

So today I am counting down the minutes to 11 when I know Chloe will start walking around like a drunk sailor on a ship a midst a hurricane.  It's cute.  19 more minutes...

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