Monday, February 20, 2012

An Asterisk Update

*I've been a poor blogger lately.  Oh well, what can ya do?

*We had a really fun BBQ with some people from the ward.  Followed by a random game called 'BANG' that I lost, like, two rounds in.  So I played with the little kids after that.

*I had another fabulous girls night with some of the most hilarious, amazing women I've ever known.  Afterwards, we saw The Vow.  Meh.  Tatum Channing is just not that great of an actor.  But he gets away with it, because, well, ya know.  Hello muscles.  Kembry says I need to "tell the girls that next time I'm coming because I really need a girls night, too, mom."  So, Robyn, just add Kembry to the roster I guess =/

*My back has been acting up, again.  Of course.  And because I can't take any anti-inflamatories, or delicious, wonderful steroids, I have a lot of leg weakness and numbness.  Luckily, we've been very blessed that a little bit of rest, ice and heat has, so far, been the cure.  Truly blessed.

*We miss our friends and families back in Utah, but oh my gosh Arizona weather is INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!!  I never knew there could be so many consecutive days of blue skies and perfect weather. What am I saying?  Days?  I mean MONTHS!

*Everyone is finally on the mend here, with the small exception of my back.  The house has been sanitized.  Brett even scrubbed the kitchen floor with comet.  Let's just say we really, REALLY don't want to get that flu again.

*Cohen was in an adorable musical/play thing at school for Arizona's 100th birthday.  I keep singing one of the songs.  He's so over me being that mom.  BUT IT WAS JUST SO DANG ADORABLE!  Grandparents, you should have an video email of this waiting for you.

I'll post pictures hopefully today.  We'll see how my ambitions go...

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