Friday, February 01, 2008

Cohen's Star Boy

With Brett working late during the months of December and January, it's always so exciting to be home alone at night with a ghost whispering son. On several occassions, Cohen has pointed in the corner by his drawing easel, and said, "Mommy, I want to play with that boy." "What boy?" I ask, unassumingly. "That boy mommy, that one. I wanna play with the star boy." Well, I finally decided to tell Brett my fear that our son "sees dead people", to which his response is more scaring and teasing me. "Cohen, tell mommy about your star boy," he says, followed by me punching his arm.

Well, on the advice of my co-workers here at FranklinCovey, I decided to ask Cohen what the "star boy" looks like next time he asks to play with him. In response to this question, he goes to his jumbo leggos, picks out the eyes and the mouth painted on yellow square leggos, puts them together, and puts many different multi-colored leggo's on top of that, leaving me with a good version of Cohen's "star boy." Our ghost is a dead leggo boy. I wonder if someone put him in the dishwasher and melted him.

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