Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Victor Hugo and the Book of Torture: Part II

Let me just say this, I do enjoy the long winded old bag. I do. Really. And I'm just not trying to convince myself of this, either. I love the detail he puts into the descriptions of mens soul. Have you seen "HOT FUZZ"? Can I just say, Javert reminds me of the main character whose name escapes me at the moment. Hugo writes: "This man (Javert) was a compound of two sentiments, very simple and very good in themselves, but he almost made them evil by his exaggeration of them, respct for authority and hatred of rebellion." It might seem weird that I laugh at that comment, but it does remind me so much of the "HOT FUZZ" man. Back to the point...

The plot development is wonderful, once you get to it, that is. Now, comparing Hugo to my favorite French writer Dumas, I prefer Dumas so far. Same number of pages, yet, Dumas actually has like fifteen sub plots taking place. Hugo is struggling to keep me involved with two. None the less, onward and upward and forward and blah.

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