Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thanks Hugo Lovers of the World!

Thanks for your comments of encouragment. I NEEDED THEM! Here's a little embarassing detail, prepare yourselves, because we all know how often I DON'T embarass myself, haha, yeah right.

Anyway, I thought I had bought the unabridged version. I think I choked on my popcycle when I realized it was the ABRIDGED version. Oy. How can this gigantic, monstrous, wordy novel be the ABRIDGED version. I know not. Alas, I have come to find out there is yet another abridged version. Much shorter and much, much more to the point. But seeing as my goal was to read the whole history of Waterloo through the eyes and endless words of Hugo, I am carrying forward with the supposed "abridged" version I now have. I will do it, mark my words. But don't mark Victors, you'll be dead before you're done.

But, as you will see with my next post, I'm actually over the first of what I'm sure are to be SEVERAL humps, and have moved onward, and upward. Well, at least forward. I'll take the advice of my good work out buddy, and just "break it down" page by page. Normally she says, "Break it down, minute by minute," as I'm trying not to have a heart attack on whatever new machine of torture the West Valley Rec Center has created. Tanya, have you ever considered going into the FBI as a torture specialist? I think waterboarding would look dull indeed compared to your rare form of weight loss and health regiments! Haha, I love you!

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